This Longganisa-Filled Lumpia Party Pack Is What Your Handaan Needs!

This is perfect for the holiday season, too!

Is it really a Filipino handaan without lumpia? Lumpia or fried spring roll is one dish that Filipinos love to have on a daily basis, but most especially, during any kind of celebration that involves a food spread. 

Every flavor looks appetizing!
Photo by Pop's Original Lumpianiza

Lumpia is commonly filled with minced meat and vegetables, but because of the versatile structure of these spring rolls, you can stuff it with different fillings. Pop's Original Lumpianiza is famous for its Lumpianiza, a play on words on lumpia and longganisa or longaniza. These are spring rolls filled with different kinds of longganisa, like the Tuguegarao and Hamonado longganisa, which are the first two flavors Pop's Original Lumpianiza started with. Now, they offer Lumpianiza with fillings that use Vigan longganisa, sisig, spicy Tuguegarao, spicy Vigan, and breakfast sausage. They even have beefy Lumpianiza in cheeseburger and beef taco flavors! 


Pop's Original Lumpianiza Party Packs are served in a box.
Photo by Rele Hernandez
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Pop's Original Lumpianiza is commonly sold in frozen packs of 12 pieces, but if you are serving it for a party, you should opt for Pop's Original Lumpianiza's small or big party packs. According to Rele Hernandez, the owner of Pop's Original Lumpianiza, his decision to offer party packs was because it was apt for the upcoming holiday season. He says, "We figured the Lumpianiza Party Pack is a great way to bring something new (yet familiar) to your next family reunion or office party potluck."


The Small Party Pack (P750) consists of 32 pieces of longannisa-filled lumpia in all Vigan, all Tuguegarao, all Hamonado, or an assortment of two flavors in one pack. The Big Party Pack (P2,500) has 120 pieces that offer the same flavor choices as the Small Party Pack but with the Big Party Pack, you can have an assortment of up to three flavors.

Have you tried Tuguegarao's longganisa before?
Photo by Pop's Original Lumpianiza

If you are not familiar with these types of longganisa served in the Party Packs, Hernandez describes the Vigan longganisa they use as garlicky, tangy and vinegary, the Tuguegaro longganisa is tangy, salty, peppery, garlicky, and has a distinctly yellowish hue because of the achuete oil used, while the Hamonado longganisa is sweet but not cloying. You can also refer to our guide to longganisa to know more about their origins and ingredients! 

Pop's Original Lumpianiza's Party Packs should be ordered two days in advance. To order, message Pop's Original Lumpianiza's official Facebook.

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