WATCH: Popular Korean Drinks You Have To Try (Besides Flavored Milk And Soju)

It's time you explored the drinks section, too!

Now that you know your Korean snacks, you can complete the K-experience by pairing it with delicious drinks you can also find in Korean supermarkets. Aside from the famous flavored milk and soju, which can be used for easy cocktails you can mix at home, there are a lot more refreshing beverages you can find.

On your next trip to the Korean grocery, make sure to head over to the aisles and refrigerators of beverages and look for these popular Korean drinks:

List of Popular Korean Drinks to Try:

Korean Drink: Milkis
Photo by Riell Santos

Milkis (P36)

Milkis is a milk-flavored soda, which creates a sweet, creamy, and fizzy beverage. The most popular flavor is the original one, but you can also be adventurous and try other flavors like peach, strawberry, banana, melon, and apple.

Korean Drink: Caramel Macchiato
Photo by Riell Santos

Caramel Macchiato (P79)

When you don’t want to keep going out to buy a cup of caramel macchiato from your favorite cafe, you should stock your refrigerator with this ready-to-drink version. It’s convenient to have this bottled coffee whenever you need that caffeine fix ASAP, too.

Korean Drink: Demi Soda
Photo by Riell Santos

Demi Soda (P48)

Demi Soda is a carbonated fruit drink that comes in different flavors, like lemon, orange, apple, grape, and peach.

Korean Drink: Pear Juice
Photo by Riell Santos

Pear Juice (P45)

It’s a sweet pear flavored juice made with crushed pears. The drink has a subtle acidity and sweetness to it, and, believe it or not, this pear juice is considered to be a cure to a nasty hangover. So, maybe after a night of drinking soju, you should have this pear juice on hand.


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All of these beverages are available at select ASSI Fresh Plaza branches.



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