Meat Suppliers Are Protesting The 60-Day Price Ceiling Through A "Pork Holiday"

Meat vendors will not sell during the 60-day price ceiling to avoid losses.

IMAGE Jerome Ascaño

Some meat vendors have started to protest the government's decision to have a 60-day price ceiling of pork and chicken.

The protesting vendors are calling it a "pork holiday" and have since then closed down their stalls just so they won't be forced to sell pork and chicken with the approved price ceiling, which could lead to losses. According to GMA-7's report, vendors have also decided not to transport and sell during the 60-day price ceiling to avoid losses and penalties for violation.

The 60-day price ceiling is under Executive Order No. 124, which was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte. The Department of Agriculture announced the approved prices, which sells pork kasim and pigue at P270 per kilo, pork belly at P300 per kilo, and dressed chicken at P160 per kilo. This is enforced in the National Capital Region's public markets and supermarkets selling imported pork.

The alarming rise in the price of pork is attributed to the African Swine Fever which has affected the supply and operations of the local hog industry.



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