This Is How You Should Be Storing Your Nonstick Pots And Pans

Protect your nonstick cookware from unintentional scratches and bangs.

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Your nonstick pans are the most useful and effective when they're new. The slick surface is a dream to cook on! Nothing sticks to them, and everything from eggs to pancakes will slip and slide in the coated surface with ease. 

You know you need to protect this magical surface from scratches which can negate the slickness. Heat-resistant cooking utensils are its best friends. However, did you know that using it to cook your breakfast isn't the only way that your nonstick cookware can get scratched? 

How you store your pots and pans can be a source of these unintentional nicks and scratches, too. If you stack your pots and pan in your kitchen cabinets, the danger for scratches increases. The bottoms of pans are not exactly soft and cushiony. 

What you need is a pot protector.

These pot protectors are made from thick felt fabric.
Photo by Lazada
You can protect your nonstick pots and pans with these simple but cleverly designed inserts.
Photo by Lazada
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These useful cutouts made from thick felt fabric are soft and cushiony. It's so simple but cleverly designed! These asterix-shaped protectors come in various sizes so you can place one of these according to the size of your cookware on the nonstick surface before stacking another pot or pan on top. The thick felt fabric has enough cushioning to prevent the pot or pots on top from scratching or nicking the surface.


You can also just slip a sheet of parchment paper, paper towel, or table napkins in between each pot and pan, too. 

Pot protectors are available in sets of three large pieces starting at P102 or 12 in various sizes starting at P305. Visit Lazada for more details.   



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