Potluck Ideas to Get You Excited for the Holidays

It's never too early to think about the holidays!

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Holidays call for an extra-special spread. For your holiday parties, turn to reliable and trusted party-food suppliers to make your meals exciting and unforgettable:


1 Lengua and Paella from VICKY’S CUISINE

You can count on Vicky’s cuisine to dish out Spanish food that will turn any gathering into a grand party.

Paella starts at P1,450; call 0917-8961216 and 0917-9185095




Aside from their famous butter cake, dishes from Vargas Kitchen always satisfies. Try their lasagna (P2,110), Carbonara with Bacon (P2,320), or Lengua with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (P2,750).

Call 0917-8110712



3 Baked Cheesy Prawns from PRIA’S KITCHEN  

Hearty dishes are a must for the holidays. Choose from their Baked Cheesy Prawns (starts at P2,800) or their Roast Turkey (P7,200).

Call 0936-9219758



4 Cream Cakes from PATRICIO’S DESSERTS

They have delicious kinilaw and poke but their new line of desserts—Mango Crema (P420) and Crema de Gato (P250)—are a must-try.

Call 0917-8508817



5 Korean Wagyu Tacos from ANDY’S GOOD EATS

Wowing your guests isn’t a problem when you order dishes made from quality ingredeints. Try the Korean Wagyu Tacos this year? (P1,750)

Call 0917-5252072, 0917-8158631



6 Crab Claw in Crab Fat and Coconut Cream from PEPITA’S KITCHEN

Just like their iconic suckling pig, Pepita’s other takes on indulgent classics are no-fail winners.

Call 425-4605, 0917-8660662



7 Cannelloni and Red Rice Salad from DULCELIN GOURMET

Aside from their best-selling Mango Torte, you can count on Dulcelin for quality takeout food.

Try the Cannelloni (P1,700) and the Red Rice Salad (P1,800). Call 0917-5352592, 0917-5138822



8 Baked Lapu-lapu with Queso de Bola Cream from THE COOKERY

The Cookery never fails to deliver bold flavors to your table: try the Baked Lapu-lapu (P1,600) or the Moroccan Angus Meatballs (P2,000).

Call 635-0351, 631-0541



9 Baked Salmon with Aioli and Cheese from GOURMET GARAGE

Take your pick from their Asian, Mediterranean, and Continental menus—you won’t be disappointed!

Try the Baked Salmon with Aioli and Cheese (P2,150) and Portuguese Peri Peri Chicken (P1,750). Call 0918-4952999.



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