Gin Pomelo, Banana Cue-Flavored Pralines Given as Gifts to #APEC2015 Delegates

Four distinct local flavors were chosen for the confections.



Wonder which local flavors were highlighted in the welcome presents given to APEC 2015 delegates? Banana cue, gin pomelo, barako coffee, and star anise and orange!


According to CNN Philippines, the delegates were gifted pralines from CMBV Confectionaires Co. who chose four distinct local flavors for the confections. "Gin Pomelo was kind of like a staple especially among some really young people...We wanted to make into a praline. We tried it and it worked out pretty well," Christian Valdes of CMBV Confectionaires Co. said. The flavors were also picked out after a consultation with the APEC team.


"The aim of the company is to show what the Philippines really is, not just the typical adobo or pancit, we want to show the Philippines for all the ingredients that the Filipino would know by heart and we would like to share that with the world."


Image from CMBV Confectionaires Co.'s Facebook page

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