PRICE ALERT: These Ingredients Just Got Cheaper

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The prices of the most affordable kinds of rice, vegetables, fish, and meat can go up and down every week or even every day depending on many factors. To help you when you go shopping for your ulam ingredients this weekend, we take a look at the Department of Agriculture (DA) website and its regular price monitor. It chronicles the prevailing retail prices of the most common kinds of food at palengkes in Metro Manila.

If you checked the prices last week, you might notice that there have been changes in the prices of some food since then. Here are the ingredients at the palengke that have dropped its prices

FOOD From To
Fish: Alumahan (Indian Mackerel) P360/kilo P300/kilo
Meat: Pork Kasim P340/kilo P320/kilo
Vegetables: Pechay Baguio P60/kilo P50/kilo
Vegetables: Kalabasa P40/kilo P30/kilo
Vegetables: Sitaw (String Beans) P100/kilo P90/kilo
- - -

Meanwhile, there are some ingredients that have increased its prices since last week: 

FOOD From To
Fruits: Calamansi P80/kilo P100/kilo
Meat: Pork Liempo P370/kilo P380/kilo
Vegetables: Carrot P80/kilo P100/kilo
Vegetables: Tomatoes (Kamatis) P50/kilo P60/kilo
Spices: Imported Red Onions (Sibuyas) P80/kilo P85/kilo
Spices: Local White Onions (Sibuyas) P60/kilo P80/kilo
Spices: Siling Labuyo (Chili) P80/kilo P100/kilo
- - -

The markets covered in the report include palengkes in these areas: Commonwealth, Guadalupe, Las Piñas, Malabon, Marikina, Mega Q-Mart, Muntinlupa, Muñoz, Pasay, Pasig, Pritil, Quinta, and San Andres. 


Want to see the full list of food the DA's Bantay Presyo monitors on a regular basis? Here's the link to the February 17 report.


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