PRICE ALERT: Make Homemade Kimchi And Indulge Your Love For Korean Food

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If there is one ingredient from Korean cuisine that you may identify with easily, it's kimchi. Kimchi is a fermented and spicy vegetable commonly used as a condiment or side dish to many of Korea's main dishes. The main ingredient in kimchi is napa cabbage or also known as Chinese cabbage or Baguio pechay

Did you know that you can easily make kimchi at home? It's a great idea, especially if you love kimchi. It's especially a good idea now since Baguio pechay once again dropped its prices from P80 per kilo last week to P70 this week. You can even make cucumber kimchi as well! 

Baguio pechay isn't the only ingredient at the palengke that saw a price decrease. Mangoes saw a price decrease too so if you didn't get your fill of mango float and mango sago during the summer, you can still satisfy your love for it even this late in the year! You can even top it off with a nice thick layer of leche flan since eggs continue to be only P7 per medium egg! 


Eggs have been at a steady price for months now and thankfully, many ingredients at the palengke saw no change in price this week from last week's price alert. Ingredients that did see a price increase include the alumahan which rose again in price this week to P280 per kilo, washed and brown sugar which are both P85 per kilo this week, and a few vegetables. 

Here are the other food that had a price decrease this past week: 

These are the food that saw a price decrease.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao
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Here are the food that saw price increases this week: 

These food saw a price increase this week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao

These prices are sourced and gathered from markets in these areas around the metro: Commonwealth, Guadalupe, Las Piñas, Malabon, Marikina, Mega Q-Mart, Muntinlupa, Muñoz, Pasay, Pasig, Pritil, Quinta, and San Andres. 


For more information about the price watch of the Department of Agriculture, visit the government agency's website.

Price Alert is a weekly roundup of the prices of common goods and other ingredients monitored using the Department of Agriculture's Price Watch. 


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