PRICE ALERT: The Cheapest Fish, Rice, and Vegetables To Buy Right Now

The galunggong isn't the cheapest fish in palengkes anymore.

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It wasn't so long ago that the galunggong was called "the poor man's fish". It was not only an affordable fish but the galunggong was readily available in abundance in palengkes and supermarkets. However, there has been a rise in prices for the humble galunggong. In fact, it's not the only food that has seen a rise in prices

If you're a savvy shopper, you might have already noticed that the cheapest fish in palengkes has not been the galunggong for a while now. The Department of Agriculture (DA) posts a regular price monitor on its website called Price Watch, and it chronicles the prevailing retail prices of the most common kinds of food at palengkes in Metro Manila. The galunggong, also known as the round scad or mackerel scad, is now priced P240/kilo. This has gone down from its January 2021 price of P280/kilo. 

The galunggong is no longer the cheapest fish in palengkes or supermarkets.
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So what is the cheapest fish in palengkes today? It's the tilapia priced at P120/kilo. Even bangus or the milkfish at P160/kilo is cheaper than the galunggong

What other food in palengkes around the metro are the cheapest right now according to DA? Here's a quick guide to prices of the most affordable kinds of fish, rice, vegetables, and meat to help you when you go shopping for your ulam ingredients this weekend: 

Rice Regular Milled = P36-38/kilo
Rice Well-Milled = P40/kilo 
Fish  Tilapia = P120/kilo 
Fish  Bangus = P160/kilo
Meat  Whole Chicken = P160/kilo 
Pork Kasim = P340/kilo 
Beef Brisket = P350/kilo 
Eggs (Medium) = P6/piece 
Vegetables  Sayote = P40/kilo 
Kalabasa = P40/kilo 
Tomatoes = P50/kilo 
White Potato = P60/kilo 
Cabbage = P60/kilo 
Pechay Baguio = P60/kilo 
Pechay Tagalog  = P60/kilo 

Want to see the full list of food the DA's Bantay Presyo monitors on a regular basis? Here's the link to the February 10 report.


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