PRICE ALERT: Make Patis-Glazed Liempo Or Chicken This Week Because Meat Prices Dropped

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This week, pork prices saw a drop in prices and so did whole chicken. Pork liempo or pork belly saw a P20 drop in prices, ending at P360 per kilo while pork kasim or pork shoulder dropped to P320 per kilo. Whole chicken meanwhile has been seesawing from a high of over P200 the past few weeks and finally dropped back down to P180 per kilo this week. Take advantage of these price drops and make super flavorful patis-glazed chicken in the air fryer or calamansi and patis glazed lechon kawali using pork liempo slabs. 

You may already know that the price of onions and sugar rose to alarming heights earlier this week. The bad news is that the prices have not gone down since then and continue to be high. This trend is one that may continue, especially for white onions since farmers have allegedly switched to planting red onions instead of white onions, a sign that there will be a shortage of white onions at the next harvest. 

These chicken pieces are sweet, savory, and addictive! Take advantage of price drops to make it this week.
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Vegetables meanwhile continue to fluctuate between high and low prices. The biggest price drop was Baguio beans which dropped down to P80 per kilo. Those with tight budgets will be delighted to know that their new favorite sayote just dropped to P30 per kilo this week again, making it the undisputed most affordable vegetable on the market. 


If you love siling labuyo or any chili pepper for that matter, learn to preserve what stash of the spicy chili you have because the price of siling labuyo rose to an all-time high of P500 per kilo this week. 

Here are the prices of food and ingredients in the palengke that saw a change in prices this week: 

Illustrator Louis Miguel Talao
Illustrator Louis Miguel Talao
Illustrator Louis Miguel Talao

These palengke prices are sourced from palengkes or farmers markets in the Metro Manila area, specifically those in Commonwealth, Guadalupe, Las Piñas, Malabon, Marikina, Mega Q-Mart, Muntinlupa, Muñoz, Pasay, Pasig, Pritil, Quinta, and San Andres. 

For more information about the price watch of the Department of Agriculture, visit the government agency's website.

Price Alert is a weekly roundup of the prices of common goods and other ingredients monitored using the Department of Agriculture's Price Watch. 


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