PRICE ALERT: Turn Buto-Buto + Tomatoes Into An Affordable Ulam

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Have you missed eating spicy food because siling labuyo was so expensive? It's not anymore! From P500 per kilo price a few months ago to its current price range of P90 to P250 per kilo, this is your sign to enjoy spicy food again! 

Not only that, tomatoes continue to be cheap, wavering just a little from the price range of P30 to P70 per kilo. If you made chicken pakam last week, we have another recipe suggestion this week that sabaw lovers will enjoy: kinamatisang buto-buto

Also known as sabaw sa kamatis or kinatamisang baboy, this dish is classic and simple to make! Pork cuts that are bony are usually more affordable than the meatier cuts such as pigue and kasim. However, that doesn't mean it's not as tasty or it's all bones! The meat attached to the bones has a distinct advantage over meatier cuts since the bones give the soup a delicious pork flavor, so you get an umami pork bomb with every sip you take! Plus, the tomatoes give the soup a little tang that marries well with the patis or fish sauce. (Salt is just not complex enough in flavor to match patis!) 


Want to give this a quick tweak? Add siling labuyo to make it spicy like you would a spicy beef nilaga

What other food saw a price drop this week that you can take advantage of? 

Here are the food that saw a price increase this week:

food prices increase chart
Here is a list of significant food price increases that happened this week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao
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Here are the food that saw a price decrease this week:

food prices decrease chart
Here is a list of significant food price decreases that happened this week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao

Food Storage Tips: Onions

Did you know that you cannot store onions with potatoes? Yup! Apparently, potatoes give off a gas that makes onions go soft and bad faster. Not only that, you should be storing onions in a container that is dry but airy. Unlike garlic, onions have more water so it's important that these remain dry so you can keep them in storage for longer. 


6 Delicious Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Onion Craving

If you finally have a stash of onions from your precious food budget, give any of these Filipino ulam recipes a try this week to get over your onion abstinence:

Creamy Bistek Recipe

French Onion Soup Recipe 

Bacon and Onion Bread Pudding Recipe

Beer-Battered Fish and Onion Rings Recipe

Onion Fried Chicken Recipe

Pork Chops Recipe with Onion Jam

The palengke prices above are sourced and gathered from various markets in these areas around the metro: Commonwealth, Guadalupe, Las Piñas, Malabon, Marikina, Mega Q-Mart, Muntinlupa, Muñoz, Pasay, Pasig, Pritil, Quinta, and San Andres.

For more information about the price watch of the Department of Agriculture, visit the government agency's website.

Price Alert is a weekly roundup of the prices of common goods and other ingredients monitored using the Department of Agriculture's Price Watch. 



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