PRICE ALERT: Use Less Veggies As Prices Increase

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The price drop of chicken may have been a fluke but chicken saw a price increase over the past week ending at P180 per kilo from last week's low of P170. You can continue to enjoy chicken dishes that don't use up too many veggies such as Korean fried chicken, buffalo chicken wings, or plain fried chicken ala Max's style.

Despite this P10 price increase, chicken remains to be the more affordable meat versus pork and beef which both continue to be priced high. Pork kasim continues to be the most affordable pork cut at P300 per kilo while the tough cut of beef brisket is priced at P360 per kilo

The bad news is that chicken is not the only food that saw price increases this week. 

fried chicken wings patis glazed
Delicious fried chicken wings anyone?
Photo by Roselle Miranda

The storm Paeng did a number on the country, causing floods, landslides, and the evacuation of many principalities around the country where it hit. The floods, landslides, and general difficulty in transport may have contributed to the high price of veggies this week. The vegetable that saw the biggest price increase was the repolyo or cabbage. From P80 per kilo last week, it is now P120 per kilo this week, a P40 peso increase. 

In fact, most of the vegetables saw price increases that ended at over P100 per gulay. While veggie prices rose, fruit prices remained steady as did the rice and fish. The lone exception is the imported galunggong which saw a P10 decrease to P190 per kilo this week, the only food on the Department of Agriculture's Price Watch that saw a decrease this week. 

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What are the new prices of vegetables this week and what other food saw price increases? 


Here are the prices of food that saw an increase this week: 

price alert price increase gulay vegetables
These food saw price increases this week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao
price alert price increase gulay vegetables
These vegetables all saw price big price increases this past week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao
price alert price increase gulay vegetables price decrease fish galunggong
These food saw price increases while imported galunggong saw a P10 price decrease this week.
Illustrator Louis Miguel A. Talao

These palengke prices are sourced and gathered from select wet markets which include but are not limited to these areas in the metro: Commonwealth, Guadalupe, Las Piñas, Malabon, Marikina, Mega Q-Mart, Muntinlupa, Muñoz, Pasay, Pasig, Pritil, Quinta, and San Andres. 


For more information about the price monitoring of selected agricultural and fishery commodities in the metro by the Department of Agriculture, visit Price Watch on the government agency's website

Price Alert is a weekly roundup of the prices of common goods and other ingredients monitored using the Department of Agriculture's Price Watch. 


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