There’s A New Pringles Flavor In The Supermarket

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While we're still getting over the phasing out of one of our childhood snacks, there are always new items in the snack section that can possibly be a new favorite. When you shop at Landers Superstore, you might spot a new Pringles flavor on the shelves: meet the Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips in Spicy Green Pepper.


Pringles' corn chips give the same satisfying crunch as its classic potato chips, but this one is a little thicker and has more mouthfeel. Plus, this doesn't need any dip at all because of its striking flavor! You can find Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips in Spicy Green Pepper at Landers Superstore for P70. This is also available for delivery when you order it online through Landers Superstore's website.

Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips selection is also available in Pringles' classic flavors, like the original, sour cream and onion, nacho cheese, and spicy chili.

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