These Local Bottled Cocktails Come In Ube, Langka, Banana, and Pineapple Flavors

You don't have to skip happy hour!

IMAGE Proudly Promdi

After more than three months of quarantine, some people probably miss spending Friday nights in our favorite speakeasies and pubs, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy quality cocktails at home. Proudly Promdi's crafted bottled cocktail is what you need for your nightcaps and e-numans with friends, and they recently launched four new mixes inspired by popular favorite Filipino flavors.

Ube Gandanghari (P550)
Photo by Proudly Promdi
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For ube fans, the Ube Gandanghari is made with pandan-infused rum, ube macapuno shrub, and a coconut tincture. You can enjoy this on the rocks but if you want to stretch your drink, Proudly Promdi recommends filling a highball glass (or any glass will do!) with ice, 60ml of the Ube Gandanghari, and 60ml of tonic or soda water. Stir and serve!

Langka Negroni (P700)
Photo by Proudly Promdi

Tha Langka Negroni is a Filipino version of the classic negroni. Instead of the classic gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and an orange peel combo, Proudly Promdi uses langka-infused rum, Aperol, sweet vermouth, and rose water. You can take it up a notch, simply shake ice, 60ml of Langka Negroni, and 30ml of pineapple juice together, then serve. If you don't have a cocktail shaker, you may use any jar that you have onhand. 

New York, Cubao (P700)
Photo by Proudly Promdi

Proudly Promdi's New York, Cubaoa witty name for a localized Manhattan, is made with banana rum, mango-infused sweet vermouth, anise, and cinnamon. Another way you can enjoy this tropical mix is to shake ice, 60ml of the New York, Cubao, and 30ml of pineapple juice.

New York, Cubao (P550)
Photo by Proudly Promdi

The Lakay, a concoction made with pineapple rum, ginger demerara syrup, and orange bitters, is Proudly Promdi's take on the classic Old-Fashioned, which has bourbon, bitter, sugar, water, and orange peel. You can also serve a different Lakay cocktail by shaking a highball glass with ice, 60ml of Lakay, 60 ml of tonic or soda water, and a squeeze of one or two calamansi.


Proudly Promdi's Ube Gandanghari (P550/yields 3-4 servings), Langka Negroni (P700/yields 3-4 servings), New York, Cubao (P700/yields 3-4 servings), and Lakay (P550/yields 3-4 servings) are available to order via their official website. They only accept orders and payments from Saturdays to Wednesdays; and confirmed orders will be delivered on Fridays. If you order or pay on Thursday or Friday, it will be delivered on the next Friday instead.

For more information, don't forget to follow Proudly Promdi on Facebook and Instagram.


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