This Punch Recipe Will Save You from the Summer Heat

This punch recipe uses handmade wines from Ilocos Norte!

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Ever since he was asked to repackage bugnay (a local wild berry) wine for a local winemaker from Adams, a small mountain community in Ilocos Norte, Ken Alonso has been a lodestar for loving and promoting local, artisanal spirits. Stumbling upon Ilocano handmade wines developed Ken's curiosity for the products themselves and the tradition behind them.



Proudly Promdi, which means "proudly from the province," became the passion project of the modern mixologist. Proudly Promdi has two main products that have since been used in the firm's shaken-or-stirred cocktails: Tapuey, which is a rice wine made from fermented glutinous rice, and Bugnay Wine, whose base is a local, antioxidant-rich wild berry called bugnay.





"Our goal with the households who make the Bugnay and Tapuey is to help them slowly grow the number of bottles that they produce each year. We also want to promote the craftsmanship of their products since they only make them in small batches."


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Ken then teamed up with friends Rammy de Claro, who handles accounting and operations, and Lord Luke Polintan, who oversees their marketing efforts to come through with his vision for the firm. Proudly Promdi's current partners include Toyo Eatery, Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli, Kartilya, Big Bad Wolf, and Balay Dako, where their Tapuey and Bugnay wines are used to imbue big flavor into these establishments' cocktails.




We can all agree that a well-made cocktail is a thing of beauty-and what better way to welcome the summer than with a Proudly Promdi summer punch recipe? Here's a tangy, refreshing, and blissfully boozy punch recipe from Ken himself!




The Promdi Summer Punch

Serves 12-15




2 oranges, thingly sliced

12 pieces calamansi

1 handful of mint leaves, washed

1 (750ml) bottle Bielma Bugnay Wine

1 (250ml) cup Manille Calamansi Liqueur

1 (250ml) cup brandy

2 cups (500ml) calamansi soda





In a large pitcher or punch bowl, squeeze out the juice of the calamansi, and drop the fruit into your bowl. Add the orange slices and muddle together with the mint leaves. 



Pour the Manille calamansi liqueur, brandy and Bielma Bugnay Wine into the bowl and stir with a large spoon.



Add ice into a tall class and pour one serving of The Promdi Summer Punch. Stir until cold.  




Top with calamansi soda and add garnishes (orange slice, calamansi and mint leaves).



Check out Proudly Promdi on Facebook. You can also place orders through [email protected] or 09479641413. Deliveries are available anywhere within Metro Manila. 


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