Slow-Cooked Ulam in 8 Minutes? It’s Possible With These New Ready-To-Eat Dishes

You won't believe how much flavor these pack!
Slow-Cooked Ulam in 8 Minutes? It’s Possible With These New Ready-To-Eat Dishes

Chefs and home cooks alike swear by slow-cooking. Not only does this method help tenderize most meat cuts, but cooking on low heat for hours helps bring out the best flavors from almost any ingredient. No wonder that most of your favorite home-cooked dishes rely on this process for optimum taste!

But let’s be honest: You don’t always have the time to slow-cook your favorite dishes. Plus, this technique requires a certain level of expertise that not many have. 

So what can you do when you want to enjoy delicious home-cooked dishes in a snap? Try looking for Purefoods Ready-To-Eat on your next grocery run! These dishes are slow-cooked for hours to seal in the flavors you crave. It’s available in 450-gram packs — perfect for a family of four — or 1-kilogram packs for bigger families.

The best part? You just need to pop it in the microwave for 8 to 10 minutes and you’re ready to serve! Here are some of the slow-cooked dishes you can now enjoy anytime, thanks to Purefoods:


Who doesn’t love kare-kare? This delectable dish in rich, creamy peanut sauce is a classic Filipino ulam. Don’t forget to personalize your meal by pairing it with either sweet or spicy bagoong!

Lechon Paksiw

You no longer need to buy lechon to get your fix of this savory dish. The ready-to-eat ulam from Purefoods packs the sweet-salty-sour flavors you love in the home-cooked version.

Beef Caldereta

Anyone who loves beef would know that making this particular meat fall-off-the-bone tender takes a lot of hours of cooking. But thanks to this heat-and-eat dish, you can now get your beef caldereta cravings sated in minutes. 

Pork Humba

Having trouble perfecting that balance between sweet and salty when preparing pork humba? Serve your family this version and they’ll be asking for seconds!

Korean Beef Stew

Here’s a treat for Korean food lovers! This dish offers a hefty helping of beef and shiitake mushrooms served in a sweet-spicy-savory sauce. It will have you skipping food delivery for your next craving!

Chicken Pastel

Considering its simple ingredients, chicken pastel packs a lot of flavor and comfort in one bowl. Skip the tedious food prep when you try this ready-to-eat dish that’s best enjoyed with the family.


Tripe is another ingredient that can be quite challenging to tenderize without a pressure cooker. Luckily, you can now go straight to savoring it in a hearty serving of callos when you shop this ready-to-eat pack.

In addition to these tasty classics, Purefoods also offers six other ready-to-eat viands. These are bistek Tagalog, beef pares, pork binagoongan, Bicol express, chicken afritada, and dinuguan. Given all 13 variants, you’d be hard-pressed to pick your favorite! 

Shop Purefoods Ready-to-Eat viands in the nearest leading supermarket and grocery store, or order online via The Mall, Shopee, or Lazada. Follow Purefoods on Facebook and Instagram for more details. #LoveTakesTime

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