This Bilao Of Fudgy Ube Puto Is Topped With Lots Of Melted Cheese

Best paired with a cup of coffee.

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Before the height of the ube cheese quarantine food trend that started because of the ube cheese pandesal, there already existed other ube cheese-flavored desserts and snacks that you may have overlooked, like the classic ube cheese puto. If you're looking for cheesy ube puto you want to share with the family for merienda, Puto Especial has a bilao of siksik na ube puto topped with lots of cheese.


Puto Especial's ube puto comes in that eye-catching purple hue we all associate ube with, and what makes their puto special is that it's fluffy and gooey-almost like biting into a fudgy ube cake-plus, it's topped with lots of salty, melted cheese. Puto Especial also offers different flavors, too, like the plain, cheese, and salted egg, which all have cheese on top except for the plain variant.

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These moist puto squares pair perfectly with a cup of brewed coffee, or you can even use it to soak up the remaining sauce of a savory ulam. If you prefer a warm puto, you can steam it for 5 to 15 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds (with cover). 

For solo flavors (ube, cheese, salted egg, or plain), a 12-inch bilao costs P380 and a 16-inch bilao costs P650. You can also opt for a 12-inch bilao with combined flavors, like the Combo 1: ube and salted egg, Combo 2: ube and cheese, or Combo 3: cheese salted egg. The combined flavors can also come in a 16-inch bilao in two versions: the Combo 1 with the ube and salted egg puto and the Combo 2, which has all the flavors.


To place an order, send a message to Puto Especial's Instagram with the following details: name, contact number, address, quantity, size, flavor, and total. Orders should be placed two days in advance before the intended pick up date.



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