This Rainbow Grilled Cheese Could Be the Prettiest Sandwich You'll Ever Eat

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If you think grilled cheese is the greatest invention ever, well, you're not wrong-it's pretty hard to beat a buttery sandwich stuffed with melted cheese that's just warm comfort in every bite. But if you think grilled-cheese sandwiches couldn't get any better, then we'll have to stop you right there because Sebastian's Ice Cream just made the prettiest sandwich ever: Rainbow Grilled Cheese (P150)! 



Never imagined grilled cheese can be so fun? 


The sandwich looks like any other perfectly toasted, golden-brown grilled cheese, until you pull it apart: Not only does the mozzarella result in an amazing cheese pull, it comes in all colors of the rainbow, too. Aside from the dreamy and frankly perfect-for-Instagram colors, this sandwich has everything you love about grilled cheese: Gooey cheese sandwiched between wonderfully chewy bread that's toasted to just the right crispness. Pair it with their new Coldbrew Iced Tea for an additional P25, and don't forget to grab a scoop or two of their ice cream, too!



The Rainbow Grilled Cheese is only available at Sebastian's Ice Cream Vertis North, 4/F Ayala Malls Vertis North, North Avenue, Quezon City.



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