You Can Have Restaurant-Quality Meats Delivered To Your Doorstep

It's time to prep that steak dinner!


If you want to enjoy restaurant quality dishes in the comforts of your home, Rare Food Shop should be on your speed dial. Rare Food Shop can deliver premium meats straight to your doorstep (some of their biggest clients include hotels and restaurants!). 


If you're celebrating a job promotion, or just happy to be at home with the family after a really long day, it's easy to treat yourself with good food with this hassle-free delivery service. Cook delicious chicken dishes with Rare Food Shop’s selection of poultry such as chicken breast fillet (P620), whole turkey (P3,000), and even Foie Gras (P1,050).



Pair your favorite bottle of wine or beer with their wide selection of meats. They import the best of the best, such as the beef brisket (P375), Angus beef ribeye (P510), Japanese wagyu cubes (P600), and lamb spare ribs (P375).



Love seafood? Try Rare Food Shop’s smoked salmon (P370), squid rings (P385), salmon sashimi (P300), sea bass fillet (P875), and Chilean mussels (P265). They even have hard-to-find black tiger prawns (P440), which is the only produce they’re currently sourcing from the Philippines.



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"This was new to me," CEO Iacopo Rovere said.

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Here is a quick look at the different cuts of beef and what they are used for.


You can place your orders through Rare Food’s official website. 

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