You Can Only Order This Tasty Red Burger On This Airline

Adobo and a salisbury steak are just a few of the new menu items, too.

IMAGE courtesy of AirAsia

Air Asia recently introduced its new inflight Santan food menu which will be served on select flights. 

One of the new menu items introduced is the Salisbury Steak meal (P190), a beef burger that's smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce and paired with a side of steamed white rice. It's a classic meal that will have any child (or any child at heart) eager to eat since it's familiar as well as juicy and tasty. 

Go Pinoy with your inflight food with this slightly sweet Adobo Espesyal meal.
Photo by courtesy of AirAsia

If you love your rice but want a more Asian flavor for your meal, consider the Adobo Espesyal meal (P140). It's a different type of adobo dish since it's slightly sweet, but that's exactly how some Filipinos love their dishes so it caters to the Pinoy's sweet tooth. Even if you're not a fan of something sweet, you may appreciate the contrasting flavors of the meaty adobo chunks partnered with the java rice and fried bananas.   

Have a Japanese meal for an inflight meal with this onigirazu sushi bento on AirAsia.
Photo by courtesy of AirAsia
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If you're feeling more adventurous with your meal, the Santan menu also offers a Japanese bento that might more to your liking. The Onigirazu and Sushi Bento (P150) offers four kinds of Japanese-inspired food in the container: an onigiri or rice ball wrapped in a sheet of nori (seaweed) and stuffed with a barbecue salmon filling; an inari sushi or fried tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice; and two pieces each of California crab and tamago (scrambled egg) rolls. This is served with a side of wasabi and soy sauce so your Japanese food experience is complete. 

This Thai-inspired red burger is a chicken burger with spicy Thai mayo.
Photo by courtesy of AirAsia

One of the more stunning dishes on the new Santan menu is the red-bunned burger that's called the INSPI(RED) Burger (P150). It's a special burger which is part of the Celebrity Chef Series and made in collaboration with Chef Hong Thaimee, a Thailand chef based in New York, who specifically created this inflight burger for AirAsia. 

"I wanted to combine the best of both worlds, Thai flavors and the classic all-American burger, to make a meal that would be easy for the airline passengers to enjoy," said Chef Hong.  

The burger bun is red for a reason: it's infused with beetroot juice. Paired with the chicken burger that's been flavored with Thai ingredients lemongrass, fish sauce (patis), and kaffir lime leaves and topped with shredded purple cabbage, red onions, tomato, and a green chili mayonnaise that gives this entire burger a zing!  

Plus, it's also been dyed red because it's the color of the (RED) global fund which supports AIDS/HIV programs in the region. So, if you're feeling generous, you definitely need to order this gorgeous-looking and flavorful burger because 10% of every order of this INSPI(RED) Burger goes to that global fund.  


The new Santan menu items are available on selected AirAsia flights. Prebook your inflight meals for availability. Visit the AirAsia website for more information. 


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