Reese's Is Coming Out With a Thinner Peanut-Butter Cup

We're guessing it's so you can eat more?

For fans of the always-winning combination of chocolate and peanut butter, nothing beats Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. While they usually come in packs of two, we know how easy it is to scarf down cup after cup. So Reese's is helping things a bit by making their cups...thinner? In March 2019, Reese's will be launching the new Reese's Thins in stores in the United States.

The new peanut-butter cups will be 40% thinner than average but still with the same chocolate base and nutty center. We're not exactly sure why anyone would prefer a thinner cup—perhaps it'll help you feel less guilty the next time you decide to finish several packs by yourself yet again.


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Salty peanut butter and rich dark chocolate are the perfect match!

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