Reno Liver Spread vs. Reno Potted Meat Food Product

What's the difference between these two Reno products?

Has this ever happened to you: you needed to buy a can of Reno liver spread, you go to its designated aisle, you scan for its signature navy blue and yellow packaging but it's out of stock.  

But as you check again for the third or fifth time, you see another can of Reno: red and white with a label that says "Potted Meat Food Product." 

Photo by Bea Faicol

What is a Potted Meat Food Product?

A potted meat food product is a spreadable version of luncheon meat. This is commonly made by combining mechanically separated meat (pureed, minced, or ground) with flavorings and preservatives, are heated, and sealed in small cans.

It has a pâté-like consistency which makes it good for sandwiches. This is good to add to one's emergency food stash, too, as it has a long shelf life and it's ready-to-eat. 

Photo by Czjai Reyes-Ocampo and Bea Faicol
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The difference between Reno Potted Meat Food Product and Reno Liver Spread

The main difference between these canned products is the main ingredient. The Reno Potted Meat Food Product uses pork and beef offals and trimmings while the Reno Liver Spread uses pork liver offals and trimmings.

Here are the ingredients used, as seen on their labels:

Reno Potted Meat Food Product ingredients: pork and beef offals and trimmings, cereal, vegetable oil and proteins, iodized salt, sugar, seasonings, and sodium nitrate.

Reno Liver Spread ingredients: pork livers offals and trimmings, poultry meat, cereals, vegetable oil and protein, sugar, iodized salt, spices, monosodium glutamate, and sodium nitrate.

Other than its main ingredient, both canned products look the same and have the same texture, too. But taste-wise? The Reno Potted Meat Food Product has a lighter taste-not as savory, and spicy as the Reno Liver Spread.

Photo by Bea Faicol

Substituting Reno Liver Spread with Reno Potted Meat Food Product

Can you substitute Reno Potted Meat Product for Reno Liver Spread when Reno Liver Spread is not available? As Reno Potted Meat Food Product doesn't have the same intense flavor as the Reno Liver Spread, you should not expect the same result when using it for your kaldereta and other ulam.

But it wouldn't hurt to try it! Who knows? You might like it even more than liver spread.


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