Red Ribbon’s Limited Edition Rocky Road Cake Is Back!

Just in time for Father's Day.

A special celebration always calls for a special cake, especially if it is for someone as special as the father and father figures in your life. This Father's Day, Red Ribbon is bringing back their limited edition Rocky Road Cake (P600).

Red Ribbon's Rocky Road Cake is made of three layers of chocolate cake with a chocolate-flavored cream filling in between the layers. It's topped with fluffy white cream rosettes, tiny chocolate kisses, and white marshmallows then drizzled with chocolate sauce.

A chocolate chiffon cake infused with the perfect balance of crunchy cashew nuts and soft vanilla mallows
Photo by Red Ribbon
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This time around, the Rocky Road Cake is made even more special with the addition of chunks of Red Ribbon's brownies on top and cashews and marshmallows in between the cake's layers. These decadent brownies add a fudgy and chewy feel to each bite, while the additional cashews and marshmallows add crunchiness and a little more sweetness.

Red Ribbon is celebrating Father's Day with the new and improved Rocky Road Cake (P600), Black Forest Cake (P580), and Choco Mousse (P500). Each cake purchase comes with a limited-edition Father's Day Gift Box Sleeve for free.

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