Salad Everyday? Make It Easy By Joining This Subscription Meal Plan

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When you feel like you've overstuffed yourself with pork, beef, and chicken, it's okay to take a break from eating these meats and go for a salad instead! And one of the best places to order delicious salads that won't leave you bitin is at SaladStop!

For those who want to make eating these kinds of greens a habit, a part of their daily food consumption, SaladStop! now has Daily Bowls by SaladStop! to assure you that you have greens every other day or every single day, just in case you need that extra push to commit to a healthier lifestyle. 


The Daily Bowls subscription program is available as a 3-day plan and a 5-day plan. The 3-day plan (price starts at P1,135) follows a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule while the 5-day plan (price starts at P1,865) is scheduled from Monday to Friday.

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These plans include SaladStop!'s bestsellers, like the Oh Crab Lah! and Hail Caesar, plus new items that you can get first dibs if you subscribe to any of the Daily Bowls plans. These new items are never-before-released salads or wraps such as the Homemade Quinoa Patty Salad, The Refresher Salad, and High Protein Salad. They're also offering another Daily Bowls-exclusive item called Balsamic Beetroot which is perfect if you need protein in your system. 


Want to try SaladStop!'s Daily Bowls plans? All you have to do is visit the nearest SaladStop! brand or visit their official website; choose your plan, and pay for it using your e-wallet (GCash or GrabPay) or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). For those who subscribe before March 12, you can get a 10% discount!


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