Satisfy Your K-BBQ Cravings With This 270-Peso Portable Samgyeopsal Grill

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Fact: Korean barbecue, or more popularly known as samgyupsal, is just one of those things that's best eaten with friends or family due to its large servings and unlimited meats and side dishes. On days when you find yourself wanting to eat samgyup on your own, however, there is actually a way for you to ~*satisfy*~ that craving. 

Samgyeop Grill Box offers portable kits containing rice, a selection of meats, side dishes, lettuce, and sauces. Along with the food, the kits also contain some charcoal, a mini grill, and a lighter so that you can have the complete samgyup experience in the comfort of your own home!

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Samgyeop Grill Box: Offers and Prices

Samgyeop Grill Box offers two sizes for their kits: Regular (P269) and Premium (P379). Here's everything that's included in the boxes:

Regular Box (P269)

Photo by Facebook/Samgyeop Grill Box
  • • 1 meat (100g)
  • •  side dishes
  • • With rice and 2 sauces

Premium Box (P379)

Photo by Facebook/Samgyeop Grill Box
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  • • 2 meat (100g each) (pork/chicken or beef)
  • • 5 side dishes
  • • With rice and 3 sauces

Here are all the choices you can choose from for your meats, sauces, and side dishes:

Side dishes:

  • • kimchi
  • • potato marbles
  • • buttered corn
  • • fishcake
  • • seaweed


  • • ssamjang sauce
  • • premium cheese
  • • sesame oil with salt & pepper

Meat variants:

  • • Beef Galbi
  • • Beef Bulgogi
  • • Pork Galbi
  • • Pork Spicy Bulgogi
  • • Korean Spicy Chicken

Samgyeop Grill Box: How to order

Interested in ordering? Shoot them a message on their Facebook page, especially if you're living outside Metro Manila. They deliver via TokTok and their own Samgyeop Grill Box riders.

This story originally appeared on Candy Magazine.

* Minor edits have been made by the editors.


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