Sriracha Fans, You Have To Try This New Instant Noodle!

Move over, #FireNoodleChallenge, there's a new spicy noodle in town!

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If you love to drizzle Sriracha sauce on your burger or burrito, you will love it even more in your noodles! Samyang's newly-released Sriracha Ramen has a sauce tastes exactly like the well-loved Thai hot sauce!


Noodles drenched in Sriracha sauce? Yes, please!



 The packaging of Samyang's Sriracha Ramen has a spicy level thermometer!


The spicy-sour taste of this noodle is milder compared to Samyang's variety of fire noodles. You can definitely eat a bowl of this Sriracha-flavored noodle without burning your tongue and sweating profusely. Based on Samyang's version of the Scoville scale (measurement of the pungency of spicy food), this Sriracha Ramen is only regularly hot as compared to the volcanic level of their hot chicken ramen noodle.



The green packet contains dehydrated flakes, while the red packet contains the delicious Sriracha sauce.


This Sriracha-flavored ramen will leave a burning sensation in your mouth!


It doesn't take advanced cooking skills to prepare a bowl of it for merienda or a midnight snack. You only need to boil the noodles with the packet of dehydrated flakes, drain the noodles, and add in the Sriracha sauce-depending on how spicy you want it to be! You can even add cheese, breaded pork chops, and an egg to make it a complete meal!



The instant noodle section might get a little overwhelming because of all the available variants, but we have a tip for you! You have to keep in mind that the packaging of Samyang's Sriracha Ramen resembles Sriracha's iconic bright red bottle and vibrant green nozzle.


Available at SM Supermarket for P79.50/cup and P72.50/pack. 



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