We Found Sweet Japanese Banana And Strawberry Milk In The Grocery!

Love flavored milk?

If you have ever visited Japan, you've probably experienced the overwhelming feeling of deciding which beverage to choose from with their dizzying options in convenience stores and groceries. Will it be matcha latte, iced coffee, or fruity soda? How about flavored milk for a change?

Photo by Sangaria

Good news for flavored milk fans, you can now find Sangaria's bottled milk in banana and strawberry flavors in local groceries! These drinks are pretty straightforward-it's sweet milk that tastes like bananas and strawberries. It's a delicious fruity refreshment that doubles as a milky dessert.


We found these in Metro Supermarket's international food aisle for P75 each bottle, which is a slightly more affordable option compared to other imported flavored milk brands. For those who cannot read Japanese, it's pretty easy to spot these bottled milk if you look for anything pastel yellow with banana patterns and pastel pink bottles with strawberry patterns printed on them.

Find the nearest Metro Supermarket through their official website's directory.

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