Seeing Red: 9 Finds You'll Want to Have In Your Kitchen


You don't need a full kitchen makeover to make your cooking space feel new. You can instantly update your kitchen by adding bright red touches to your space. You would be surprised to see how pops of vibrant color can immediately liven up your kitchen.

We found red kitchen finds that are both stylish and functional:


Egg Timer

You can place this temperature-sensitive egg timer in a pot of boiling water with the real eggs. The timer will change color to let you know if the eggs are soft, medium, or hard-boiled.   


Egg Perfect Egg Timer, available at Crate and Barrel

 Garlic Peeler

Garlic is one of those ingredients most Filipino kitchens use everyday. However, this pantry staple can leave a stubborn smell on your fingertips. To keep your hands odor-free, roll the whole cloves inside this tubular red silicone peeler.

Garlic Peeler, available at Crate and Barrel

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 Set of 8 Red Measuring Spoons

Why stick to plain and boring measuring spoons when you can get red measuring spoons that look more interesting? The bright red finish will make these spoons stand out from the other tools in your kitchen.

Set of 8 Stainless Steel and Red Nylon Measuring Spoons, available at Crate and Barrel


Kitchen Aid Mixer   

No dream kitchen would be complete without a Kitchen Aid mixer! This baker’s favorite is a sturdy and reliable item that you would be proud to use… and to display on your countertop!

Kitchen Aid 5qt Red Mixer, available at SM Home       

Corelle Ruby Red 16-piece Dinner Set

The color red reportedly stimulates appetite. So, if your kids are picky eaters or you would simply like your food to seem more enticing, you can serve and enjoy meals on these red plates.

Corelle Ruby Red 16-piece Dinner Set, available at SM Home           


Meyer Italian Red Open Skillet 

Every home cook can use another frying pan. When choosing a new piece, stay away from the standard black pan and choose this unexpected item instead.

Meyer Italian Red Open Skillet, available at SM Home          

Zevro Magnetic Spice Stand


Does your spice rack look unappealing and boring? Consider organizing your spice and herb bottles with this space-saving magnetic stand!

Zevro Magnetic Spice Stand, available at True Home by True Value


Amco Houseworks Quick Slice Apple Corer and Slicer

No time to eat breakfast at school or at work? This nifty gadget will help you core and slice apples so you can have a filling and easy-to-eat desk-fast (or snack!). This is also a great gadget for moms with young children who want to eat more fruits.

Amco Houseworks Quick Slice Apple Corer and Slicer, available at True Home by True Value

Trudeau Gaviti +Plus Pepper Mill

Freshly-ground pepper makes homecooked dishes taste better! Pick up a pepper mill that's as pretty as it is efficient.

Trudeau Gaviti +Plus Pepper Mill, available at True Home by True Value

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