Session Groceries Wants You To Help Our Local Rice Farmers

Here's an easy way YOU can help them out.

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The Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) is the "act of liberalizing the importation, exportation, and trading of rice, lifting for the purpose of the quantitative import restriction on rice." The RTL doesn't limit the number of importers to bring in rice, but an agreed-upon tariff has to be paid. This law concerns all of us, but it especially affects our hardworking local farmers who have to compete with prices of these rice importers.

Concerns regarding the Rice Tarrification Law have made Filipinos proactive in looking for a way to directly help local rice farmers earn a favorable profit for their produce. Thankfully, Session Groceries exists to make social justice a possibility! Session Groceries is an online grocery based in Baguio City that aims to help farmers have sustainable practices and still earn money by directly linking the farmers to the retail consumers.

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According to Session Groceries' Facebook page, they will be officially launching the pre-selling of local rice on September 13, 2019, through the Session Groceries app exclusively. The first drop is scheduled on September 28, 2019 and this is also when Session Groceries will meet the farmers and all the people who have helped them out.

The post says, "Session Groceries has been been on the field for the past four weeks, searching, talking, engaging, enrolling the farmers to reach the direct consumers of Manila. Let's give them credit for doing the groundwork for us."

Please, let us all help our farmers. Download Session Groceries on Android or iOS.

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