Coming Soon: Shake Shack Will Have A Fried Chicken Patty In Burger Form

The Chick'n Shack isn't your ordinary chicken burger.

IMAGE courtesy of Shake Shack

Filipinos love their fried chicken, so it's no surprise that Shake Shack's newest burger, the Chick'n Shack, will be just as well-loved as any fried chicken meal when it becomes available on July 10.  

You may know the classic Shake Shack burger for its this juicy 100% beef burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and sandwiched in a soft and fluffy potato bun but so will its chicken burger. The biggest difference is that the patty is made of chicken and you'll be super delighted to know it's treated just like a piece of delicious fried chicken.


The Chick'n Shack is a crispy buttermilk-marinated chicken fillet with pickles and lettuce with a buttermilk sauce and sandwiched in Shake Shack's signature potato bun.
Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

That means the chicken patty is a buttermilk-marinated chicken fillet that's dunked in a batter, dredged in seasoned flour, and then deep-fried until crispy. This is what you'll find on top of slices of pickles and shredded lettuce along with a creamy homemade sauce slathered on the bottom bun. 

That homemade sauce will tell you this isn't your ordinary chicken burger, and it won't be a Shake Shack burger if it wasn't a special sauce! For this burger, Shake Shack didn't just use mayonnaise. It created a buttermilk sauce flavored with the herbs, chives, parsley, and thyme to pair with the fried chicken patty. It's not the typical sauce we're used to but it's a savory, flavorful, and creamy sauce that gives you a hint of the buttermilk marinade. That gives it a double dose of that tangy buttermilk taste with every crispy bite. 

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The Chick'n Shack (P250) will be available in both Shake Shack branches starting July 10, Friday.   


You can visit Shake Shack at the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City or Mega Fashion Hall at SM MegaMall, Mandaluyong City from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or visit Shake Shack's website, Facebook page, or Instagram account



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