This Promo Can Get You A Pizza, Chicken, Mojos, And Drinks For Only P399

Comfort food on a budget? Yes, please!

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Working from home can be draining, especially when the line between work and the comforts of home gets blurry. On workdays when you're feeling a little too stressed and overwhelmed, skip the cooking and order Shakey's Weekday Favorite Hot Deal promo. 

Photo by Facebook/Shakey's Philippines

For a discounted price of P399, you can enjoy the Weekday Favorite Hot Deal promo which includes a regular thin-crust Manager's Choice pizza that's made meatier with slices of ham, bits of beef, Italian sausage, crisp green bell peppers, and onions for toppings. The promo includes two pieces of Chicken 'N' Mojos (two pieces of Chicken and Mojos on the side) and a 500 ml Coke


The original price of this bundle is P625, which means you get to save a total of P226! Since the WFH bundle is good for two people, you can simply split the bill and only pay P113 each. Not a bad price to pay for a full meal, right?

Shakey's Weekday Favorite Hot Deal promo is available Mondays to Fridays, until October 23, 2020. You can order via Shakey's website or send a message via Facebook Messenger. You can also contact them through their hotline 7777-7777 or #77-777.



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