Shangri-La Hotel In Wuhan Provides Meals For Medical Professionals During Coronavirus Outbreak

Good job, Shangri-la!

IMAGE Shangri-La Social Responsibility Programme

As the number of people infected by the coronavirus (now officially given the name of COVID-19) rose from hundreds and now thousands, the outbreak has put China and the rest of the world on red alert. Professionals in the medical field are on the frontline, tending to patients that are infected or suspected to be infected by the virus.

Thankfully, Shangri-La Hotel's Wuhan culinary staff lent assistance by preparing and delivering more than a thousand meals per day to Wuhan-based hospitals and facilities. All of these dishes are prepared by the hotel's team in sanitized kitchens that follow strict health safety procedures.

According to a Shangri-La Sustainability report, Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan's efforts have received positive feedback from the community [local hospitals and facilities]. Rina Shao, general manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, says, "More people are extending assistance through sourcing vegetables, packaging boxes and procuring other supplies for the medical facilities."


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