This Cool Rice Cooker Looks Straight Out Of A Time Machine

We love the futuristic design!

We recently showed you these toasters as well as these stand mixers that feature chic, vintage-inspired designs. They're perfect for people who love that retro aesthetic in their homes. However, if you prefer appliances that look modern and futuristic, check out this sleek rice cooker from Sharp!

Sharp KS P8MF White Rice Cooker (P2,598)
Photo by Abenson

This rice cooker features a no-frills, non-bulk round shape and glossy all-white exterior that resembles the latest gadgets on the market or maybe even little robots from your favorite sci-fi movies. Either way, we're obsessed with the look. The appliance is perfect for minimalists who prefer to keep their spaces neutral and pristinely polished. Plus, it's got some handy features, too!

This rice cooker can cook up to four cups of rice, so it's ideal for the average household. The non-stick inner coating on the pot makes for easy clean up while the one-button function makes it user-friendly for even the most clueless cooking newbies. Whether you want to upgrade your old rice cooker or buy those first few kitchen appliances for your new home, you'll want to include this on your wish list. You can get it for just P2,598 when you shop at Abenson!

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You can shop the Sharp KS P8MF White Rice cooker through Abenson's website.



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