You’ll Want To Grab And Get Food From This Mediterranean Food Stall

Shawa Wama serves up delicious hummus, falafels, and more starting April 4!

IMAGE courtesy of Shawa Wama

Moment Group's newest food concept, Shawa Wama, will be serving up delicious Eastern Mediterranean food starting tomorrow April 4, Wednesday, at the Power Plant Mall in Makati City.


The first branch of this new concept is a takeout stall where you will be able to order any of its delicious and satisfying Mediterranean meals. 



Over Rice with Beef with the white garlic and mild chili sauces. 


The Over Rice or the Over Hummus meals or the Stuffed Pita are Shawa Wama's main atrraction: choose from the usual beef, chicken, or lamb, or the red beet falafel, the fried cauliflower, or the primo beef, a fork-tender slab of seasoned beef you won't need a knife to slice into. The Over Rice (starting at P190) plus your choice of meat is served on top of a layer of yellow rice with a large dollop of hummus, pickled onions, and a red cabbage slaw. If you're hungrier than usual, you can have the large meal or order the Wama Meat Special (starts at P275) that comes in large and includes a pita pocket to help scoop up the hummus. 

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Those looking for a meatless option, there's the Wama Veggie Special (P340) that has falafel and cauliflower, and replaces the rice for the Wama slaw. Or grab the Over Hummus (starts at P195) option for those who love hummus. It's a generous helping of its lusciously creamy hummus under your topping of choice. The Red Beef Falafel (starts at P165) or the Fried Cauli (starts at P245) make great, tasty alternatives to the meats if you're looking for something light.



Like it hot? Ask for a whole pickled green chili that comes with any of the meals to add a little heat.


Over Hummus with Red Beet Falafel


The Stuffed Pita isn't your usual shawarma: it's a cross between a burrito and a pita pocket. The beef stuffed into a pita pocket (your choice of whole wheat or white) instead of the usual tortilla-like wrap, all the sides that usually come with the beef is stuffed in it. Plus, it's got crunchy sweet potato fries stuffed right along with it to give it some sweetness that we Pinoys love. The Stuffed Pita starts at P165.



Stuffed Pita with Beef with white garlic and hot chili sauce. 


While the meals are the star of Shawa Wama, the sauces and dessert options are the apt accompaniments. The sauces come in five flavors: the usual white garlic sauce, a lemon garlic sauce, a mild chili sauce, a hot chili sauce, and a cheese sauce (because everything is better with cheese!) for an extra P25. So, whichever sauce you choose will go great squeezed on top of your primo beef over rice meals or a stuffed pita. And when it comes to dessert, Manila Creamery created a Baklava Frozen Yogurt, a light Pistachio Ice Cream, and a Lemon Sorbet (P110 each) to round out any meal at Shawa Wama.  



Shawa Wama officially opens on Wednesday with delivery services with Food Panda starting soon, so if you're craving some tasty shawarma but too busy to a sit down for it, this is the place to drop by for that to-go meal.  


Shawa Wama is located at the P1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City. Check out @shawawama on Facebook and Instagram.

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