You Can Now Order Baked Shawarma From Food Channel

You can get a tray big enough for the whole family!

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The popularity of sushi bake amidst quarantine in Metro Manila has led to the rise of other unique baked food trays like samgyup bake, SPAM bake, and shawarma bake. Shawarma is one of those foods that can be enjoyed whether in a fancy restaurant or even in your corner food stand; in fact, some people prefer the latter. If you're loyal to budget or street shawarma, we're sure you've heard of Food Channel Shawarma. Their version of the Middle Eastern dish is best known for its smoky meat, French fries, garlic dressing, and ultra-spicy sauce. Now you can get a baked version of Food Channel's popular shawarma!


If you're looking for a food tray to treat your family with this weekend, this might just be what you need. Each tray comes with java rice, sirloin beef, pita strips, cheddar cheese, and garlic sauce with veggies on the side. It's baked to create a gooey, cheesy dish that's instantly comforting and oh-so satisfying. Munch on it at your next movie marathon or have it with a few glasses of your fave beer!

Here's a closer look at all the layers in this shawarma bake.
Photo by Instagram/foodchannel.shawarma
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The tray is baked to melt the cheese and make the shawarma even more satisfying.
Photo by Instagram/foodchannel.shawarma

Food Channel's shawarma bake is available in small (P250), medium (P450), large (P900), and extra large (P1,350) sizes. To order, send a message to Food Channel's Facebook or Instagram pages or contact them at (0917)890-3122.



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