Craving Siomai? We Found a Guilt-Free Alternative

It uses fresh lean pork and contains no MSG!

IMAGE Bao Asian Treasures Facebook page

Despite quarantine restrictions in Manila, all your favorite food from restaurants across the Metro are still very much within reach thanks to various delivery services. One popular restaurant food you might have been craving while cooped up at home is siomai. Accessible in pretty much every mall and Chinese restaurant around, the dumpling is a staple when it comes to dining out in these parts.

However, as with any food, too much of a good thing can be harmful to your health. If you've been ordering one too many trays of siomai for your household and have been trying to cut back, we get it. But in case those cravings just won't stop, we found a guilt-free alternative: local brand Bao Asian Treasures makes a healthier, organic version siomai!

Bao Asian Treasures' healthy siomai uses fresh lean pork and contains no artificial extenders, preservatives, or MSG.
Photo by Bao Asian Treasures

Bao Asian Treasures' organic siomai is available in three variants: pork siomai with shrimp and mushroom (P450), pork siomai with mushroom (P450), and pork siomai with black truffle mushroom (P550). You can pick whichever you prefer or maybe give them all a try! Their recipes make use of fresh lean pork and contain no artificial extenders, preservatives, or MSG. Each pack contains 15 pieces of siomai, so everyone in your house can get a bite!

The healthy siomai is available in three variants: pork with shrimp and mushroom, pork with mushroom, and black truffle mushroom.
Photo by Bao Asian Treasures
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To order, just leave a message on Bao Asian Treasures' Facebook page.


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