A New Series, “Slumdog Millionaire,” Features Food From Tondo, Manila

Meet Tondo's Loida and Rado.

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Channel News Asia's Slumfood Millionaire (a play on words referring to the 2008 movie Slumdog Millionaire) is a six-episode series that takes us to the slums of Asia and the different dishes you can find there. The series features Bangkok's Klong Toey, India's Dharavi, Indonesia's Kamal Muara, Cambodia's Borei Keila, Malaysia's Gaya Island, and the first episode highlights Tondo in Manila, Philippines.

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The episode revolves around multiple cooks in Tondo and it starts off with Loida, a hardworking cook known for peddling "Monok". When asked about what's a unique dish you can find in Tondo, she mentions her special Monok, a spicy double-cooked chicken recipe she inherited from her mother. Loida uses chicken scraps from hotels and repurposes it by making it into fried spicy chicken adobo flakes which goes for P15 per serving.

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The second story features Rado's "Tumbong". It is a pork intestine soup, hence its name, that's made by thoroughly cleaning and boiling the pork intestines as its main meat, while the broth is made by boiling a pork's head together with onions. This comfort food in a bowl comes together with the addition of crunchy garlic and onions as its toppings.

This 23 minute-long episode also talks about the quintessential liempo. Rado and his helpers have a precise, laborious ritual that makes their liempo perfect: crispy skin, melts-in-your-mouth fat, and juicy meat. Rado divulges an added secret step to its liempo in the docu-series.


What Loida and Rado both have in common is a mindset that puts hard work as their foundation to their inspiring success, despite the living circumstances they were born into. You can watch the full episode here.


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