LIST: Petite Cakes For Those Who Can't Commit To An Entire Cake

These are perfect for Valentine's, too!

We all have our favorite cakes, and it's always a treat when you've got a grand, shareable dessert as the centerpiece of your lunch or dinner spread. But the pressure of having to finish a full-sized cake before it expires can admittedly be a hassle, especially if you live alone or have a small family.

At times, you'll find cakes sold by the slice from some shops, but this doesn't always apply; plus, there's still something truly distinct about the experience of getting a whole cake and appreciating its form, flavor, and appearance from all angles. Thankfully, there are a number of restos, shops, and purveyors that make smaller cakes (be it personal-sized or good for just enough servings) which let you have your fix of a whole cake without it being too huge a commitment. 

Hit up these shops and purveyors for small cakes in Manila:


Bizu cakes

Who can resist a fancy French-style sweet treat? Bizu makes personal, roughly 2.5 to 3.5-inch-sized versions of their famous French cakes, including the fruity-creamy Mango Soleil (P395); the cheesecake-esque Blueberry Chiboust (P395); the caramel-chocolate-pistachio confection known as Nirvana (P365); and the uber-chocolatey Samba (P395). You can pick up their Cake Surprise Boxes, which contain either four (P1,580) or nine (P3,484) of their minis.

For orders, visit Bizu's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Tilde Bakery & Kitchen

tilde cakes
PHOTO BY Tilde Bakery & Kitchen
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A fan favorite for their cakes that feature classic and modern flavors, Tilde also makes petite, three-to-four-inch versions of some of their signatures. The Limoncello (P225/three inches) delivers both zestiness and creaminess with its lemon curd filling and white chocolate cream cheese icing, while the Pink Lemonade (P250/three inches) adds strawberry to the mix for twice the fruity fun. Like it chocolatey? Go for their simple but stellar Chocolate Truffle (P225/three inches).

For orders, visit Tilde Bakery & Kitchen's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Cakes by Ila

cakes by ila cube cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/cakesbyila

Cakes are most often found in round form, but there's something totally satisfying about the subcategory popular in Korea known as cube cakes. These involve the usual cake elements of cake, icing, and other toppings, but are served in clear cube containers that let you peep the layers from the side, and make for especially easy-to-store desserts! Cakes by Ila makes versions of the treat that are as appealing in the visual department as they are in taste; choose from flavors like the Strawberry (P320), Banana Milk Tres Leches (P320), or even Chocolate Wine (P400).

For orders, send a message to Cakes by Ila on Facebook or Instagram.


Wildflour cakes
PHOTO BY Wildflour

Wildflour is known to craft up towering cakes that don't scrimp on portions, but they also make mini versions of selected cakes in case you're looking for a smaller-sized treat. Their Salted Chocolate Cake (P1,200/five inches) needs no introduction, while the Caramel Cake (P650/five inches) features the lush, buttery profile of caramel. For a more vibrant bite try the Lemon Almond Cake (P1,200/five inches), or channel Swedish vibes with their take on a Mini Princess Cake (P950).

For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Aegyo Cakes

aegyo cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/aegyocakes

When you hear the word "lunchbox", what comes to mind is likely savory meals. But over in Korea, they're also used as vessels for small minimalist cakes known as lunchbox cakes! Get your fix from Aegyo Cakes (starts at P450); they make four-inch versions that come in Dark Choco Bonbon or Rainbow Velvet flavors with designs you can personalize. Alternatively, you can go for their flagship dessert of Korean minimalist cakes that are six inches in diameter; they've got a couple of premade designs, or you can opt to design your own.

For orders, visit Aegyo Cakes' website. You can also check out their Facebook page.


sugarhouse cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/sugarhouseph

Having been around for around 40 years, Sugarhouse is pretty much a household name now, and a number of their famous cakes come in three-to-four-inch baby and four-to-five-inch petite versions! These include the Concorde (P180/baby, P450/petite) that combines vanilla chiffon, chocolate mousse, and chocolate meringue sticks; the Canoningo (P185/baby) that pairs meringue and caramel; and their bestselling Chocolate Truffle (P160/baby, P395/petite).

For orders, visit Sugarhouse's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Auntie Claire's

auntie claire's cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/auntieclaires

A go-to for stunning cakes with floral motifs, Auntie Claire's makes what they call Smol Kiks (starts at P250/base price): four-inch cakes in lunchboxes similar to the kind popular in Korea. You can choose from cake flavors like chocolate and vanilla, and fillings of chocolate and caramel; note that the final price will depend on the design you're going for. Alternatively, they've also got the six-inch Cake in Tin Can (starts at P500/base price) and Minimalist Cake (starts at P850/base price).

For orders, send a message to Auntie Claire's on Facebook or Instagram.

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