Smart Kitchen Gadgets You Can Find On Lazada And Shopee

Prices start at 20 pesos!

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Once you use one of these smart kitchen gadgets, you'll never prepare your ingredients the same way again! Not only will you find these gadgets super useful in your everyday cooking and weekend baking projects, but these are also super affordable. One gadget is only P11! There's no reason why you can't get one for yourself and give the gift of easy prepping to your friends, too! 

You can definitely wait for the 12-12 sale to come around for even bigger savings when you finally check out of Lazada and Shopee, but if you can't wait, here are eight smart kitchen gadgets we think you should have in your kitchen so you can prep and cook faster, smarter: 

This handy scaler will not only remove the scales from fish, but it will also catch it all.
Photo by from Lazada

Fish Scaler 

Price: P169.03 from P281.72

When you want to talk genius gadgets, this is one of those really smart ones. If you have ever tried to remove the scales from your fresh fish using the traditional scaler, you know how messy it can get. It's the nightmare of anyone who enjoys a meticulous kitchen because even days afterward, you may find an errant scale here or there. 

With this smart gadget, you can say "goodbye" to hunting down every fish scale you remove since it has a built-in catcher. With every swipe, the scales are deposited neatly into the little compartment, ready to be disposed of easily. 

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This is how you use this handy meatball former.
Photo by from Lazada

Meatball Maker

Price: P169 from P236.60 (12-12 sale price: P131) 

Meatballs are delicious! However, it can be a hassle to make, especially when you have an entire kilogram or more of meat to form into tiny balls. Good thing that there are gadgets available that you can use to help you with that. If you have it, a small scoop works perfectly but if you don't have that, this is the next best thing. 

This spoon doubles as both your meatball former as well as your cooking spoon! To use it to make meatballs, just press the hole down into the meat and the meat should pop right out, creating a perfect ball. Scoop it out with a spoon and you have an instant meatball! 

Remove only the zest using this affordable and handy microplane grater.
Photo by from Lazada

Microplane Grater and Zester

Price: P129 from P497 (12-12 Sale Price: P103.20) 

You know you've always wanted one! If you thought it was just too expensive to get one or just didn't think it was that useful, you may rethink that thought again when you finally get your hands on your very own. This revolutionary grater is a dream to use, especially if you want the thinnest slivers to rain down on your food. Zesting citrus is especially easy! No pith, just zest! 

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This garlic press easily minces garlic without using your knife.
Photo by from Shopee

4 Garlic Press 

Price: P99 from P206

Getting rid of the smell of garlic from your hands is one thing. Chopping up more than two or three pieces of garlic is a chore. Skip all that hard work and let a garlic press do the job for you in one easy! What we like about this particular garlic press is that there is no need to even lift the garlic from the chopping board. Just place it down on a spot then press down. The garlic will squeeze its way through the holes. Instant minced garlic! 

This food roller is going to make wrapping meat and vegetables faster, easier.
Photo by from Lazada

Lumpia Roller 

Price: P99 from P199 (12-12 sale price: P96) 

This is not exactly made to be a lumpia roller but we love that it can do the job for us anyway. You can make lumpiang shanghai recipes even easier with this handy roller! Just place a small lumpia wrapper against the back, nestle a spoonful of filling in the center, then pull the handle over the lumpia. Lumpia rolling has never been faster or easier!  

These pretty pastel flour sifters will ensure your batters are never lumpy again.
Photo by from Lazada

Pastel Flour Sieve/Sifter 

Price: P214 from P307 

Say "goodbye" to lumpy batter! Whether you're making pancakes, cakes, or bread, you'll want to make sure that your flour and other powdered ingredients are free to lumps. You can use a sifter but one of our favorite features of this mechanical sieve is the fact that the ingredients will fall neatly into your bowl. It's the no-mess way of doing what could result in flour all over your counter. 

You'll never accidentally cut yourself with this steel plate keeping your fingertips safe.
Photo by from Lazada

Finger Guard 

Price: P71.06 from P135 (12-12 Sale Price: P70.34) 

Conquer your fear of slicing your fingers with this genius gadget. It's actually quite simple: place this on your finger like a ring and then begin chopping, slicing, dicing, and even mincing without any worry of getting hurt! Just remember to press your knife against the stainless steel surface and slicing off a fingertip is never going to happen! 

These reusable silicone covers will replace plastic wrap and other food covers in your kitchen.
Photo by from Shopee

Reusable Silicone Food Covers

Price: starting P28 from P40 

Plastic wrap is really a useful but disposable kitchen item. However, since it's disposable and easily tears, it can be a hassle to use if all you're doing is covering food up. That's why these reusable silicone food covers are super handy to have! No more using up rolls of plastic wrap as food covers because this can do the job easier and it can do it again and again and again. 


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