These Soft Hopias Are Stuffed With Creamy Ube And Gooey Cheese!

Pandan Cheese hopia is available, too.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of our desserts are getting the ube-and-cheese makeover-there's the popular pandesal, cookies, cinnamon rolls, buchi, and even bibingka. One of the more interesting ube and cheese items we recently found comes in the form of hopia, made by former Sports TV host, Georgia Rocha-Chu of Snackalubong. 

Pandan Cheese or Ube Cheese hopia? Why not both!
Photo by Instagram/chichajo and Instagram/snackalubong

Snackalubong has two cheesy hopias: choose from the Ube Cheese and the Pandan Cheese flavors. These have that distinct crust, similar to that of shortcrust, and its center uses a creamy bean-based filling mixed with ube or pandan. A chunk of cheese is placed in the center, to add a contrasting sweet and salty taste.

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Best to heat the Ube Cheese hopia in a toaster before eating it.
Photo by Patrick Martires for Snackalubong

Snackalubong's Ube Cheese Hopia and Pandan Cheese Hopia, and the other non-cheesy hopias included, are baked and delivered on the same day. Even if you receive the cheesy hopias freshly baked, it's still highly recommended to heat it in the toaster before taking a bite to get that explosion of melted gooey cheese in the center.


You can choose from different flavors.
Photo by Patrick Martires for Snackalubong

Snackalubong's Ube Cheese and Pandan Cheese Hopia are available for P300/box of 20 assorted pieces. For the non-cheesy hopias, these are sold for P200/box of 20 assorted pieces. You can choose from flavors like the Ube, Mongo, Pandan, Red Bean, and Salted Egg. 

To place an order, message (0917) 886-1190. Do take note that your order and payment should be settled on Tuesdays, 10 a.m., for it to be delivered by Wednesday. For Saturday deliveries, make sure to have your order and payment done before Fridays at 10 a.m.



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