WATCH: Must-Try Snacks You Can Find In A Korean Grocery

Add these to your snack stash!

Stepping inside a Korean grocery, it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to buy. Especially when you pass by the snack section, all of it looks delicious and, if you’re the type who gets easily swayed by cute packaging, you’re probably guilty of wanting to add everything to your cart. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Korean snacks (and don’t want to go way over their budget), here’s our list of must-try snacks you can find in a Korean grocery:

Photo by Riell Santos

Seaweed crisps (P98)

Do you love snacking on nori sheets, too? Well, for a more satisfying crunch and a more powerful umami flavor, you should grab a bag of oven-baked seaweed or seaweed crisps. These seaweed crisps are airy like actual potato chips, and it comes in different flavors, too.

Photo by Riell Santos

Kok Kok Kok Ramyeon Bokki (P55)

Tteok-bokki is a street snack in South Korea that’s made with chewy rice cakes swimming in a sweet, spicy gochujang sauce. While there are instant versions of this popular snack, you can enjoy its flavors with instant noodles, too. 

Photo by Riell Santos

Jjapaguri (P87)

For those who have yet to try the famous noodle dish from the film Parasite, this jjapaguri cup noodles combines the two main instant noodles to create the dish: Neoguri ramyeon and the jjajjangmyeon or also called jjapaghetti (black bean noodles).

Photo by Riell Santos

Honey Butter Macadamia (P640)

There was a time when honey butter-flavored chips were a huge hit that you can find them in the majority of the Korean and local supermarkets. If you are a huge fan of this flavor combination, you can enjoy it in guilt-free, snackable macadamia, too. It’s crunchy, nutty, sweet, and buttery!


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Photo by Riell Santos

Pepero Strawberry (P49)

Any fan of Yan-Yan can appreciate the novelty of Pepero’s coated biscuit sticks. It’s most popular for the chocolate flavor that coats it with crushed almonds, but, just like you can also find it in a sweet strawberry flavor.

Kancho Choco (P56)

Another biscuit you can add to your snack stash is a box of Kancho Choco, bite-sized biscuits filled with a chocolate filling, and designed with “Kancho” characters. Kancho comes from the love-struck mascots named “Kany” and “Chony.”

Photo by Riell Santos

Bibimmyeon (P49)

Something different you can try is the bibm-guksu, a spicy, cold, chewy wheat flour noodles with a sauce made from gochujang. This Bibimmyeon cup noodles instructs you to boil the noodles, cool it with running water and ice, mix the spicy sauce. This specific Bibimmyeon cup has an apple flavor in its broth that adds sweetness to the gochujang.


All of these Korean snacks are available at select ASSI Fresh Plaza branches.



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