You Can Score These Small Kitchen Appliances At The “Buy 1, Take 1” Sale At S&R!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for appliance shopping.

S&R may be known for its amazing range of imported products for the home, but there is more to the membership shopping club than just food. It’s got a wide selection of other things, too, that you may need around the house and that includes appliances. 

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we know a deal when we see one and boy, do we have a deal you need to know about. 

These appliances deals will have you wondering what you’re going to do with the other one because S&R has a sale that may put you in the most generous mood. That’s because these kitchen appliances are “Buy 1, Take 1” deals you need to take advantage of while stocks last. 

These two breakfast machines are bundled into one fantastic sale price at S&R!
Photo by Tefal | Tefal UK Official Website

1 Coffee Maker and Blender Bundle 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: P5,495 from P7,995


At a bargain price of P5,495 down from P7,995, these two breakfast appliances from Tefal are sure to make you get up in the morning just to see what you’ll be in the mood to drink that day. Since you get both a coffee maker and a personal blender in this appliance bundle, you don’t have to decide which of the two—coffee or smoothie—you want the most when you wake up. 

Best of all, the personal blender that can make smoothies is also equipped with attachments that can chop as well as grind, so you can grind fresh coffee beans every morning and still be able to chop garlic for your sinangag, too. 

You get these two breakfast appliances in one bundle.

2 Coffee Maker and Toaster Breakfast Set 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: P1,395 

Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day so take advantage of this breakfast set deal! If coffee is your passion, then maybe you don’t need a blender to help you choose your drink every morning. This appliance duo from Brikk that combines a coffee maker and a toaster would definitely be more your style. 


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You not only get one stove, you get two stoves at this sale.

3 Double Burner Gas Stoves 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: Dowell Double Burner Gas Stove, P1,499 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: Kuchenluxe Double Burner Gas Stove, P1,399

We can’t get over the fact that, when available, the gas stove is still our favorite stove to use when cooking. Why not give the gift of this traditional cooking appliance to someone who can use it because, with this delicious bargain deal, you not only get one gas stove, you get two. Not only that, you have the option of two gas stove brands to choose from: Dowell and Kuchenluxe

This elegant-looking gas stove has a combination of ceramic and infrared burners.

4 Double Burner Infrared Ceramic Gas Stove  

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: Hyundai Double Infrared/Ceramic Gas Stove Built-in, P1,499


While you may be more familiar with the gas stoves that Dowell and Kuchenluxe offers, you may want to also check out this combination burner on this Hyundai double burner stove. It’s obvious that this stove brings the elegance to any kitchen it is in with its shiny tempered glass top but what’s most impressive is its infrared and ceramic combination hobs.

All that means is that it uses the gas to heat up the electric coils, too, so you not only have a high performing stove, you have safe one, too. There are no flames licking up the sides of your pot!

Choosing may be difficult among the gas stoves on sale at S&R but you can look beyond the prices to see which is the perfect stove for you. 

An induction stove is a super-efficient stove.
Photo by Brikk Philippines Official Website

4 Single Burner Induction Stoves 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: Brikk single burner induction stove, P2,995 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: American Home single burner induction stove, P2,999 

While we love the gas stove, we know that many homemakers have switched to the highly-efficient induction stove. That’s why this “Buy 1, Take 1” deal will blow your mind. You have two brands to choose from and both are offering the same kind of induction stove at almost the same price!

Brikk and American Home both offer a single burner induction stove for the price of P2,995 and P2,999 respectively. That’s only a difference of P5! That’s where your challenge begins because how do you choose between these two brands? We say, whichever catches your fancy could be the winner because both are super attractive bargain deals. 

An electric hand mixer may be a baker’s most useful appliance.
Photo by Ron Porter from Pixabay

5 Electric Hand Mixer 

“Buy 1, Take 1” Sale Price: Brikk Hand Mixer, P1,195 


Are you an aspiring baker? Know someone else who might want to dip their fingers into the world of baking? Then this “Buy 1, Take 1” deal is for you! Brikk is offering two electric hand mixers for only P1,195. That’s double the amount of batter you could be mixing at any given time! 

This boiler-steamer machine can cook your eggs to perfection while steaming your veggies, too.
Photo by Baumann Living Official Website

5 Boiler and Steamer-in-One Appliance  

Sale Price: Bauman Living Boiler-Steamer, P995 

Who doesn’t love a machine that can do more than just one task at the same time? While this isn’t a “Buy 1, Take 1” deal, this is definitely a multitasking machine that does double duty! You can boil and steam food at the same time in this little steamer, but what’s even better than this in our eyes is the fact that this is really a tiny but mighty little appliance. Measuring just over 8 inches high, this can steam 16 eggs at the same time! 

Don’t like boiled eggs? Then take advantage of the poaching tray that comes with it instead. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these amazing small kitchen appliance bargain deals at S&R! From coffee makers to gas stoves with tempered glass tops, these are the “Buy 1, Take 1” deals you really do need to take advantage of this Christmas. 


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