You Can Get These Cheesecake Pops Again at S&R!

They now have a matcha-flavored one!

For a limited time only, S&R Membership Shopping made our sweets-loving hearts leap with joy when they launched their Cheesecake Pops (P89/stick, P149/two sticks). If you missed them the first time, you're in luck because S&R is bringing them back until the end of the year!

Aside from the original Cheesecake With White Truffle Sauce, Cheesecake With Oreo and White Truffle Sauce, and Cheesecake With Nuts and Dulce de Leche, S&R is also launching the Matcha Cheesecake, a matcha-flavored cheesecake pop covered in crushed green-tea-and-chocolate chunks. You have until December 31 to try these, which is lots of time to try them all. Multiple times.

The Cheesecake Pops are only available at S&R's warehouse branches. See a list of S&R Membership Shopping branches.

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