You Can Lend Your S&R Membership Card To Family Members During The Quarantine

Here are the requirements and new store rules.

IMAGE S&R Membership official Facebook

Are you the designated grocery shopper in your household? If you are, you'll be glad to hear that you can use another family member's S&R membership card to make your grocery run! 

According to the Facebook post of S&R, anyone in your household can use the card as long as they have these prepared: 

  • 1. The S&R membership card; 
  • 2. A valid I.D.; and 
  • 3. An authorization letter from the member. 

Once you have these including your quarantine pass, your reusable bags, and your wallet, you're good to go! It's also good to note that the shopping club is also implementing other guidelines at the store that you should follow: 

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  • 1. One membership card, one entry. 
  • 2. Only one shopping cart per member. 
  • 3. Practice social distancing or physical distancing. 
  • 4. No entry for senior citizens, pregnant women, and minors.  

The store also wars that if you arrive with guests hoping to enter using your card, those guests will be refused entry.  


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