S&R Or Landers: Which Membership Card Should You Get?

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Images of carts upon carts of groceries are not uncommon at S&R or Landers. These two giant supermarkets housed warehouse-style are also known as warehouse clubs or superstores and are membership-only stores. This exclusivity is tempting and "joining the club" is one of the many reasons why shopping at these places can be more than just grocery shopping. Just being a member affords you discounts!  

Are you a member of either one yet? If not, here are the reasons why these two membership shopping clubs are so fantastic to shop at so you can better choose whether you're going to get a membership card at either one:  

Photo by Roselle Miranda

1 You need to apply for a membership card. 

If you're interested in either of these warehouse clubs, you should know first that the cards are your ticket to shopping. You'll need to apply and submit identification documents such as driver's license, passport, or any government ID, fill up an application form, and pay the appropriate membership fee for either store. Here are the fee breakdowns: 

  1. S&R Gold Membership Card fee = P700, +P400 per extension
  2. Landers Premium Membership Card fee = P800, P400 per extension 

Both cards are valid for one (1) year. Check out if and when the cards are on sale because you can get as much as 50% off the membership card fee at these times. (Landers membership card is currently just P600!) Once you have been approved and have your card, let's go shopping!  

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Photo by Post Consumer Brands, Landers, General Mills

2 S&R and Landers have imported products and select local products, too. 

Of all the things that will make shopping at either of these places a guilty pleasure is the sheer number of imported products that many of us will never see if we stick to our local supermarkets. The range of products is extensive and the superstore itself is a warehouse filled from top to bottom with everything from groceries to department store items. You can purchase a range of imported products but you can also score select local products. 

Why shop here instead of your local supermarket? Wholesale shopping is highly encouraged as you can tell from the sheer sizes and quantities of the packages you will find. You may not be able to tell yet but by buying more pieces or bigger quantities, you save money on these select items than at your local supermarket.      

Photo by Baumann Living

2 Each offers exclusive items.  

Both supermarkets carry membership only products but one of the highlights of S&R is the exclusive appliance brand Baumann Living and Tylr. These home appliance brands carry a range of useful and unique products that span the home. From a pressure cooker that's also an air fryer to an affordable sous vide machine, you can only get these at S&R, at their official website, and their other partner sites.

Landers meanwhile has Badia spices, organic Koita milk, and Double Rainbow ice cream as its exclusive items on its shelves.   

Photo by Facebook/Landers Superstore ArcoVia City Ortigas Pasig

3 The Landers compound offers more than just groceries: there's a pharmacy, cafe, and a barbershop

While it's true that S&R has fantastic pizza, chicken, and other delicious food which you can now enjoy even without a card at the S&R New York Style pizza stores, a visit to a Landers compound shows you that you have more shops to visit than just the superstore and its pizza. There's a pharmacy, cafe, and a barbershop at every location of Landers. Present a receipt at the barbershop and you can score a free cut or shampoo. You also get a discount at the pharmacy and can enjoy a delicious coffee drink at the cafe, too, especially if you're tired after all that shopping.  

Photo by Judgefloro / CC0 from Wikipedia Commons

4 Get discounts at select gas stations. 

Both superstores can get you a discount at a partner gas station. Landers has an ongoing partnership with Caltex while S&R has one with Unioil. You can get as much as P10 off per liter!    

Photo by S&R Membership official Facebook

4 S&R has more stores nationwide. 

One big advantage of S&R is that it opened its stores first. It's had time to open stores all over the country and is now located in stores up to Davao in the south and as far up as Pampanga in the north. Landers superstores are located in Metro Manila, as far north as Balintawak and Alabang in the south for now. 


The shopping experience at either of these stores is one to experience and you can only experience it if you get yourself a card. Are you a Team Landers or Team S&R?   



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