Some Good News: Local Supermarkets Are Implementing "Social Distancing"

Going to the groceries soon?

IMAGE All Day Supermarket official Facebook

A lot has happened during the past few days in the Philippines: there's the announcement of the month-long "community quarantine" in Metro Manila and local government units have started to implement the recommendatory curfew (from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.) amidst the rising cases of COVID-19 cases. 

These have caused mall establishments to close down until further notice, but with the exemption of basic services, such as drugstores, banks, clinics, convenience stores, and supermarkets. In line with the announcement of the community quarantine, these establishments need to have strict "social distancing" measures, which require a spacing of at least 1 meter in diameter

All Day Supermarket made it easier for grocery shoppers to follow social distancing by marking their floors with lines indicating how further apart you must be from other shoppers. They have also added arrows-that somewhat suggests a one-way lane to avoid being near other shoppers.


Even if supermarkets and other establishments do not have social distancing guides, it is everyone's responsibility to follow this rule to the best of your ability. A great example is shown through the shoppers at Robinsons Supermarket who lined up at the checkout counter with distance from each other, sans the markings on the floor.


There are posts on social media that Waltermart in North EDSA has also implemented social distancing, placing guides on the floor of the store entrance. 

If you plan to go to the supermarket soon, please refer to our list of supermarkets and the new operating schedule they are following.

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