This Coffee Shop Will Soon Serve Soju Yakult!

It will be available this month!

Besides Korean Barbecue and Korean ice cream, another thing we love about the Korean food culture is combining soju (Korean vodka) and Yakult (probiotic milk) to make a sweet and intoxicating drink. One of the rarest places you can find this popular Korean drink is at a coffee shop called Black Scoop Cafe.

Photo by Black Scoop Cafe

Aside from carrying coffee, unique milk tea flavors (like Pei Pa Koa), and nostalgic soft-serve ice creams (like White Rabbit candy), Black Scoop Cafe is also adding a ready-to-drink soju and Yakult mixed beverage to their menu: Soju Yakult (P120/medium; P130/large)! This drink is made with soju, Yakult, soda, and peach and lychee syrup.

Black Scoop Cafe's Soju Yakult beverage be available at their Maginhawa branch on April 15, 2019: 101 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City.

For more information, follow Black Scoop Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.


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