What's Up With These Food Trucks Your Fave K-Drama Stars Are Posting On Social Media?

How much does it cost to send a coffee truck?

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Do you also stalk your favorite Hallyu idols' Instagram after finishing 16 hour-long episodes of their latest Korean drama as you wait for their next project? Because, same! For those who have ever gone down this rabbit hole, you've probably flooded their Instagram with likes of their snippets from photoshoots, endorsements, behind the scenes snaps, and selfies. If you haven't noticed a recurring pattern, there's at least one Instagram post of them posing in front of a food truck or a coffee truck.

Actress Bae Suzy during the filming of Start-Up:


The coffee and food truck culture in South Korea

This food or coffee truck culture is a way for fans to show their support to their favorite Hallyu actors for their ongoing projects. If these trucks could be described in one word, you can probably sum it up with that popular Korean expression: "Fighting!" with a matching cheering action of punching the air with your fist.

Actor Park Seo-Joon during the filming of Itaewon Class:

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The food and coffee trucks keep the entire cast and staff caffeinated and fed during shooting. There's no underestimating what a cup of joe, delicious sandwiches with fruits on the side, or even a serving of warm tteokbokki can do to keep the energy going on the set. 

These trucks can be customized with tarp displays in front of the truck and on the truck itself, with personalized messages and photos of the Hallyu actors plastered on them. Some even go the extra step by personalizing the food and coffee packaging, too.

Actress Son Ye-Jin received a food truck on the set of Crash Landing On You, sent by her "Something In The Rain" co-star Jung Hae-In:


If you're a big fan of Crash Landing On You, you'll know that actress Son Ye-jin was sent multiple food and coffee trucks during their filming. Recently, the coffee truck sent by BLACKPINK's Rosé to her fellow member Jisoo on the set of Snowdrop, went viral. 

Singer and actress Jisoo during the filming of Snowdrop:


An example of personalized packaging is that coffee truck sent by Uaenas (fandom name) to IU (Lee Ji-Eun) to the set of her upcoming movie Dream (which iydk, she costars with Park Seo-Joon), you can see the coffee holder with an image of IU from her Love Poem 2019 album.

Singer and actress IU during the filming of Dream:


For those new to the Hallyu world, here's an interesting tidbit: Back in 2019, Jinkee Pacquiao personally visited and sent a food truck to Ji Chang-Wook while Melting Me Softly was being filmed. She is known to be a fan of the actor while the actor is a fan of Jinkee's husband Manny Pacquiao, who of course was there with her during the set visit.

Check out this fanboy Instagram post from Ji Chang-Wook:


How much does it cost to send a coffee or food truck?

What one spends on coffee trucks and food trucks heavily depends on what you want to send and for how many people. The fancier the food is, the more expensive it will cost. You also have to take into account the location of the set because gas isn't cheap.

According to online forums, a food or coffee truck can cost as much as $2,000 or a whopping P96,108 and can go as high as $5,000 or P240,245. An article dated back in 2013, says that typical prices back then cost 12,000 won for two meals, 5,000 won for snacks and that there's usually a minimum of 60 orders. But of course, prices have changed since then.

If you're part of an international fan club, one that isn't based in Korea, you'd have to coordinate with fan clubs in Korea to arrange the food trucks or coffee trucks to be sent on set. This is what the Ji Chang-Wook Philippine fan club did. According to an interview with the fan club's administrator, they targeted to raise P30,000 but ended up raising P80,000, which went to churros (Ji Chang-Wook's favorite snack) and more food and drinks than they initially planned to give the cast and staff. 



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