This Online Community Trades Expensive Items In Exchange For Cans Of SPAM

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During the first few weeks of the quarantine, there are certain items in the supermarket that were always quick to be wiped out, like bread, instant noodles, and even Yakult. Now, it's easier to find grocery staples and ingredients at supermarkets and convenience stores, but some locals from Davao are experiencing shortage issues with canned goods.

The Davao Barter Community is a Facebook group where Davaoeños barter items that can still be utilized in exchange for items that they need. A common canned good item Davaoeños are struggling to find in supermarkets? Cans of SPAM.

Photo by Riell Santos

You might be surprised to find out what people are willing to offer in exchange for cans of SPAM (and other canned goods). Here, we list down some entries:

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Adelle Gatmaitan offered an Anne Klein watch and bangle set for food, like SPAM, deli sausages, premium canned goods, or toddler gear. The watch was used a few times, while the bangles were only used twice. Adelle says that this Anne Klein accessory set is bought from the United States, comes in the original box-complete with tags. Its price on Amazon costs $84 or P4,237.


Leo Lagahit was willing to trade his brand-new KitchenAid hand mixer and Red Copper brownie tray with divider for 10 cans of original SPAM original and 7 cans of Libby or Hereford Cornbeef. The KitchenAid hand mixer costs $50 or P2,522 on Target, while the Red Copper brownie tray costs $20 or P1,008 on Bulb Head.


Another entry from the Davao Barter Community comes from Jennesis Legaspi, who is offering a Canon Pixma TS207 printer for a can of SPAM and Cetaphil or Aveeno. A brand new Canon Pixma printer costs P1,895 at Office Warehouse. Carolaine Ang, on the other hand, wants to trade in her Gerber foldable stroller, that she's only used once, for SPAM or siomai.


What's up with the demand for SPAM? Well, according to Adelle Gatmaitan, SPAM is almost always sold out in the supermarkets. She adds, "We limit stays in supermarkets so we don't wait until they restock the shelves."

What about you? How much are you willing to offer for cans of SPAM if it wasn't available in the supermarket?

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