Spicy Ministop Fried Chicken Exists and We're Here for It

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Just when you think Ministop's cult-favorite fried chicken couldn't get any better, they decide to spice things up, literally. Your favorite Uncle John's Fried Chicken now comes in Spicy, and we know you're gonna need more than one cup of rice!


Uncle John's Spicy Chicken


Spicy Breaded Porkchop


Spicy Toppers BBQ Pork


Get one-piece Uncle John's Spicy Chicken with rice for P73 and two pieces for P118. If you're on a tight budget, you can still satisfy the fried-chicken hankering with a Spicy Chicken Fillet for only P53, or you can go for the Spicy Breaded Porkchop (P68), Spicy Toppers BBQ Pork (P53), Spicy Toppers Gravy Pork (P53), or Spicy Toppers Chili Pork (P53) rice bowls. And if these are still a little too mild for your taste, throw in an extra packet (P3) or two of chili powder. Bring on the extra rice!


See a list of Ministop branches.


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